New earthrise Series

At the time of writing I’m really excited to be producing a new season of earthrise, which will be broadcast on Al Jazeera English early in 2021. It hasn’t been easy commissioning an international series in the middle of a pandemic, with all the obstacles this presents for filming, but I’m hopeful we’ll pull it off. And I’m determined to make it happen.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted how urgent the need to tackle the environmental crisis has become. Our wanton destruction of the natural world has brought wildlife and humans in closer proximity than ever before, making the spillover of viruses from animals to humans inevitable.

But the pandemic has also given real glimmers of hope that long-lasting and positive change is possible. People are becoming increasingly aware of the link between planetary and human health and, therefore, of the urgent need to protect the natural world. The cries – from business leaders, politicians, scientists, citizens – to ‘build back better’ and to invest in green, clean economies are becoming louder. The kinds of solutions we have been talking about for years at earthrise are firmly on the table.

Here are a couple of recent articles with links to some previous earthrise films that speak to the present moment:

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I’m looking forward to the next series and to exploring more solutions being developed by people around the world who are committed to protecting life on earth and turning the climate crisis around.