Believing in Change | earthrise – Systems Change | Al Jazeera English

I’ve been producing and presenting environmental programmes for over a decade now. As the years have progressed, I’ve come to believe that knowledge and data alone are not sufficient to mitigate the environmental crisis. After all, despite having plenty of information at our fingertips, we are still hurtling towards catastrophe.

Making this programme convinced me that, if we are to mobilise people and communities to take action, then we also need to touch hearts and souls.  And for that, we need the world’s faiths to get on board. With 85% of the world’s population claiming to be affiliated to one of them, their potential to make a difference is huge.

Through speaking to clergy and laity alike, I witness a growing awareness amongst believers that they must do more.

This is not only about touching hearts and souls. The faiths’ have huge assets which could transform financial markets if invested in a sustainable future.