Friends Indeed | Community Channel

For people going through a period of struggle or change, the support of a mentor or ‘befriender’ can be transformative. I explore this through five different relationships.

The most rewarding films to produce are those that really make a difference to people’s lives. One of the relationships I followed was between Victoria, an agoraphobic who stayed in her house 24/7 until she met her befriender, Margaret. Together they made considerable advances. I follow them as they plan a challenging mission; a day trip to a lake where Victoria used to relax when she was young.

Victoria pulls it off. But it gets better.  Six months after the programme had aired, she rang to say that filming with me had given her the confidence to renew her Equity card and take up amateur acting again.

I produced, directed and filmed this and also did the voiceover.


Media Trust Productions for Community Channel


60 mins