Reimagining Plastic | earthrise

This programme looks at solutions for ridding the world from the scourge of plastic waste. It’s also about the need to entirely rethink the way we use the planet’s resources. If we are to turn the crisis around, business as usual is not going to cut it. So I was really happy this film won a prestigious AIB (Association of International Broadcasters) award in the Politics and Business Category.

Ismael Essoume is an incredible young businessman in Cameroon who is cleaning up his country by collecting plastic bottles and turning them into boats. He is on a mission to change attitudes to waste in Doula and, from there, to inspire the whole of Africa.

And in UK, enviro-entrepreneur Anna Bullus is taking on the menace of discarded chewing gum, the second most littered item in the world after cigarette butts, by recycling them into a range of stylish products from shoes to coffee cups.