The Case for the Climate | earthrise – Systems Change | Al Jazeera English

The solutions for the environmental crisis exist, and there are plenty of films on previous earthrise series to prove this.  Many of them have the potential to be transformative but our current political and economic systems mean they aren’t being implemented nearly fast enough.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that, if the solutions are to flourish, the systems are going to have to change. In this series, I look at the role three global institutions – law, business and faith – have to play in encouraging, inspiring or forcing this to happen.

I begin by learning about some landmark cases in the UK and the Netherlands which are holding governments and energy multinationals to account and forcing them to commit to reducing emissions.

I find this story really exciting since it shows how litigation can be a powerful tool for climate action.  So, I am absolutely thrilled that this programme has been given Special Honours for environmental solutions journalism in the 2023 Covering Climate Now awards.